Typographic design header reading,

Striking a New Chord: Challenging Racial Bias in Music Design

The year 2023 marks Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary, where various documentaries have highlighted this simple truth: Hip Hop…

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Collage of cute animal characters and a boy reading a book taken from the NPO brand identity.

Case Study: Nonprofit Brand Identity Refresh

FUNetix® is a patented reading app developed by the The American Youth Literacy Foundation, in order to help fulfill…

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Header graphic that reads: Pro Tips for Artists Stop Copying Photographs 6 reasons this 'Shortcut is actually holding you back.

Create, Don’t Copy: A Message for Emerging Artists

The Art of Making a First Impression As a seasoned professional designer who occasionally puts on the hiring manager…

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Creativity is Labor Too

Creative work demands effort, skill, dedication, and can even be physically demanding. Besides our brains, we engage…

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Photo of the rhino we visited that provided the visual inspiration for my project. Large male rhino with 2 horns. His head is sweetly placed over the fence where we could get a good look at him.

Conservation & Clay: A Recipe for Letting Go

Rhino-sized Inspiration May 1st is Save The Rhino Day, a reminder of the importance of protecting these…

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Interview with CanvasRebel

I recently had the opportunity to share a bit of my career journey with CanvasRebel online magazine. From…

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This is how it Starts Podcast Logo

My very own podcast!

Join me, professional designer and pop-culture/music enthusiast Aimee (Bruckner) Stevland in this limited podcast…

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“the merch is bad. i’m aware. don’t worry”​

It takes a lot of guts to take to Twitter and announce to your whole fanbase that your merchandise offering is terrible…

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Neurological Disorder

I Gave My Right Arm: How “Hustle Culture”​ Harms

Don’t let work get you in a racket. I have nothing but the utmost compassion and respect for Naomi Osaka in…

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