Image of a desktop featuring an image of Janet Jackson and a cartoon sketch of the same image, surrounded by inspirational items and art supplies.

Epic Fail or Epic Tale? Unforgettable Lessons Behind Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope

Dial-Up Dreams In 1996, the internet was a brave new world, and I was a budding artist with a passion for cartooning…

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Image of Book sitting on a decorated table.

3 Lessons on Creativity from Sly Stone’s Memoir

Born a bit too late, I discovered Sly and the Family Stone’s music long after its ’70s heyday. I would…

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Header graphic that reads: PRO TIPS: CLEAR TALK, GREAT DESIGN. Get out of the weeds and get to your audience

Better Communication, Better Design

At the heart of every design is a message – a story waiting to be told. Yet, one common challenge that pops up is when…

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Photo of a bag of mini marshmellows decorated to read

Free Printable Holiday Treat Topper

Most of the time I use my design powers for good, but sometimes… Years ago, I pulled this gag at the office and left…

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A deconstructed look at the KISS packaging styleguide.

Case Study: KISS Package Design

Ever wondered how iconic bands like KISS® make their mark beyond music?  As the band celebrates 50 years of rock 'n'…

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This is how it Starts Podcast Logo

My very own podcast!

Join me, professional designer and pop-culture/music enthusiast Aimee (Bruckner) Stevland in this limited podcast…

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Case Study: Band Logo Refresh

Background The Moonraker 7 is a popular San Francisco Bay-area band, known for their jazz, swing, and mambo renditions…

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Typographic design header reading,

“Black Artists Don’t Sell”

The year 2023 marks Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary, where various documentaries have highlighted this simple truth: Hip Hop…

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Collage of cute animal characters and a boy reading a book taken from the NPO brand identity.

Case Study: Nonprofit Brand Identity Refresh

FUNetix® is a patented reading app developed by the The American Youth Literacy Foundation, in order to help fulfill…

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