The Moonraker 7 is a popular San Francisco Bay-area band, known for their jazz, swing, and mambo renditions of spy movie themes, detective show music, and burlesque-inspired tunes. The band was entering a new chapter when they approached me with their need for a logo overhaul.

The band is top-notch, but their logo wasn’t serving them well:

  • Poor legibility
  • Too complex to be memorable
  • Lacks balance and composition
  • No color cohesion
  • Limited Versatility


They wanted a new design that blended cosmic elements with a touch of retro-kitsch, featuring a prominent moon and a hint of spy coolness.

The Approach

From lost in space, to out of this world!

With a little nod to Joe Caroff’s iconic “007” logo, the redesign blends retro charm with a far-out cosmic twist; shaken, not stirred.

The before-and-after images make the transition clear. The updated logo is now more memorable and easier to read, capturing the playful essence of their genre-bending artistry. With an eye towards packaging and merchandising, this revamped emblem is ready to launch onto products and go undercover in the hearts of their faithful fans.

The Results

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