In 2016, Rich City Skate, a beloved black-owned roller skating rink in Chicago, faced the threat of closure against a backdrop of commercial expansion. Big-box stores were replacing family businesses and vital cultural hubs at an alarming rate in the Chicago area. The skating community united through various initiatives to raise funds in an effort to save the rink.  This logo refresh served as my contribution to those collective efforts, providing a rallying point for supporters while sparking interest with the media and potential donors.


The primary goal of the logo refresh was to modernize and inject new vitality into the visual identity of Rich City Skate while preserving its essential black cultural heritage. This objective was approached with a profound sense of respect and sensitivity, acknowledging the historical importance of the rink within the community.

The Approach

Cultural Sensitivity and Respect

As a white artist and roller skater, a conscientious approach was crucial. Extensive research and open dialogues with rink owners helped to capture the story of Rich City Skate.

Preservation of Original Elements

Recognizing the sentimental value of the existing logo, all original elements were retained. This included the iconic Chicago city skyline and the distinctive roller skate style popularized in that region.

Strategic Design Enhancements

New illustration, refined color selections and bold typography makes the logo feel more modern while maintaining the authenticity of the core elements.
Improved readability for signage and floor graphics was also a major consideration.


Visual comparison showcasing the original and updated Rich City Skate logos for a side-by-side analysis.

Despite the community’s best efforts, the rink ultimately closed. The logo refresh was only a small part of a much larger effort which was met with enthusiastic appreciation from the owners and stands as a valuable brand asset they can draw upon in the future.

The rink’s story, along with others, was also featured in the 2018 documentary ‘United Skates,’ which is currently available for streaming on HBO Max,

Buddy Love (Rich City's Owner), Natasha Thurman, and Darius 'D-Breeze' Stroud attends Los Angeles Premiere Of HBO's Documentary Film "United Skates in 2019. (Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage)
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 06: (L-R) Buddy Love, Natasha Thurman, and Darius ‘D-Breeze’ Stroud attends Los Angeles Premiere Of HBO’s Documentary Film “United Skates” – Arrivals at Avalon Hollywood on February 06, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage)


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