After nearly three decades of sharing my artwork on various forms of “social media” under this one name, @aimeetoons will no longer actively post on any social platforms. This is a carefully considered response to the growing invasiveness and impact of AI technology on our digital lives.

For years, social media has been an incredible place where I’ve connected with fellow artists, shared ideas, and showcased my work to a global audience. It’s been a journey filled with inspiration and friendship. I’ve even connected with some of my personal heroes!

However, that value exchange has greatly shifted. Endless influencer spam content and recent developments in AI technology, particularly the way tech corporations are continuing to find new ways to mine and exploit our creativity, have raised significant concerns.

Many creators, myself included, are grappling with the reality of AI search functions scraping our artwork and information. While technology has brought us closer in many ways, it has also blurred the lines between public sharing and unrestricted appropriation.

Stylized, editorial illustration of a blue AI smartphone monster, sucking in various white and yellow symbols of social media, artwork, searches, chats, and time through it's touch screen mouth with big jagged teeth.

The price of the “Attention Economy” is too high for me. I’m no longer interested in feeding these companies with free labor, nor a direct pipeline to my creative output.

As an artist who values creativity, authenticity, and the integrity of my work, I think that creativity should be appreciated on its own terms, not commodified or exploited for the gains of the elite few. Therefore, I’ve chosen to remove all my artwork from social media platforms.

Moving forward, I’ll be focusing more on providing updates through my official website:

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This way, you’ll be directly connected to me and my work. I usually provide quarterly updates, unless there’s big news to share.

I’m so grateful for the support and encouragement I’ve received from you all over the years. Your appreciation has fueled my creativity and inspired me to keep going, even in those difficult times.

So, thank you again for being part of my journey. I look forward to staying connected!