Aimee Stevland: Call For Artists

This playful portrait series merges the nobility of Greek busts, the whimsy of school picture day, and the joy of Saturday morning cartoons to celebrate the influential career of Janet Jackson, marking her 50th year in the industry.

Despite media erasure post-2004 Super Bowl, her messages of education and equality endure, resonating with a new generation amidst increased social justice movements like Black Lives Matter.

Through my work, I aim to highlight her legacy as a trailblazing black female artist, whose distinct blueprint continues to inspire and pave the way for today’s talents.

Aimee Stevland is a designer and illustrator based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, with roots tracing back to the birthplace of Motown Records, Detroit. Her lifelong love of music fuels much of her artistic endeavors, with her whimsical and imaginative graphic style drawing inspiration from the world of music and pop culture.

Aimee is also the creator of the world’s largest collection of original artwork featuring music icon Janet Jackson. This project, over 25 years in the making, started when Aimee was a teenager in the 90s and noticed the lack of positive artistic representation of successful black artists, like Janet Jackson, in mainstream culture publications.

The ever-growing series, currently numbering at over 100, has earned her a devoted following among fans and other notable creatives including producer Jimmy Jam, and Oscar winner Matthew A. Cherry.

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