Prince Rogers Nelson

Born June 7, 1958

Celebrating Prince with a tribute featuring portraits from two of my favorite eras: ‘Sign O the Times’ and ‘Parade/Under the Cherry Moon.’

Most people are familiar with Prince’s movie debut, “Purple Rain,” but I invite you to watch “Under the Cherry Moon“. It isn’t the greatest movie ever, but it’s fun romp. Prince’s comedic timing and charisma is unmatched. Plus the Parade soundtrack is amazing.

Prince is probably the only other artist in my book that rivals Janet Jackson in terms of impeccable fashion sense and stylistic versatility throughout his career. I’m sure he has hundreds of looks that would keep me busy.

With Prince, we witnessed a musical genius that we’ll never see replicated — a true icon whose legacy continues to inspire and influence in music and beyond.

Get into some of my personal favorite Prince moments:

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Truth be told, I was a bit conflicted about this particular day after recently seeing this 1998 interview of Prince and Mel B of the Spice Girls.

In the clip Prince states, “We came here not knowing that we were going to die, somebody told us that. Alright, and if we never knew we were gonna die, we’d never celebrate a birthday.”
(Prince famously became a Jehovah’s Witness in 2001, a religious group that doesn’t celebrate birthdays or holidays.)

Even so, his music and influence reached far beyond any single belief system. So I selfishly share this moment in music history, knowing our world was better because Prince was in it.

Of these options, which is your favorite Prince era?

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