Welcome to the largest collection of original artwork featuring music icon Janet Jackson.

I started this personal project nearly 30 years ago, when I was a teenager in the 90s — a huge Janet Jackson fan — and noticed the lack of positive artistic representation of successful black artists, like Janet, in mainstream culture publications.

While I didn’t have the resources or reach of those traditional magazines, the early home internet was where I began sharing my work with a small community of music fans, and as social media platforms emerged, the project grew along with it.

Following the Super Bowl incident of 2004, the project continued into a celebration of Janet’s artistry and resilience, countering the erasure of her accomplishments amid the media and cultural backlash.

Please explore this curated selection of artwork, each carousel representing a unique chapter in the evolution of these illustrations.

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The Beginning: 1995-1998 (The Sharpie Era)

Escapade of Color and Style (1999-Present)

POP! Portraits (2019 – present)

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If you’re curious to dive deeper into the story behind these illustrations, I invite you to check out my other blog posts below. They’re packed with more details and personal insights that I think you’ll enjoy.

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